Currently, no knives are available for purchase while I am updating my website with a new
shopping cart. Hopefully, I will have everything back up and running soon.

 At the moment my Remnant Series knives are made to order, since the lead time is about 3 weeks. I will try to be caught up as soon as possible and have each knife in stock. 

Wrench Knife

OAL: 9"
Price: $35.00

Rebar Knife

OAL: 10"
Price: $40.00



Bolt Knife

OAL: 8"
Price: $40.00

Horseshoe Knife

OAL: 8"
Price: $45.00


Tire Tool Knife

Price: $50.00

Railroad Spike Knife

OAL: 9"
Price: $55.00

Rasp Cleaver

OAL: 11 1/2"
 Blade: Rasp
Handle: Maple
Price- $100.00